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Don't let the masses suffer
China Daily  Updated: 2006-03-15 05:45

Development is not an excuse to compromise ordinary people's rights, says a signed article in Workers' Daily. An excerpt follows:

In his work report submitted to this year's National People's Congress for approval, Premier Wen Jiabao pointed out that some people's interests are being damaged in the current phase of land acquisition, abolition of houses, enterprise restructuring and environmental pollution.

A large number of NPC deputies are active in raising proposals to prevent people suffering losses from this phase.

"Don't let the masses suffer" is a simple phrase. But it transmits a very important message that our government is one with the people.

A people-centred government should work for the people and actively safeguard and protect their interests in all issues.

However, there have been occurrences of some local governments violating this principle. In the process of land requisition, some farmers' legitimate rights and interests do not get effective protection. In the process of enterprise restructuring, the interests of some employees are infringed upon or compromised. Due to the approval of some projects with serious pollution risks in violation of normal approval procedures, the health and lives of the masses are endangered.

All these were done because of some government officials' lack of respect for State laws, regulations and policies.

Protecting people's interests should be an ideal that governments at all levels honour in their work. If something is relevant to the interests of the masses, it is not trivial and should not be ignored.

Individuals need to make certain concessions for the national or public interests. However, such concessions should be based upon the principle of equitable and reasonable compensation.

The practice of compromising the interests of the masses under the excuse of developing the local economy or changing the city landscape should be ceased.

The country is now building a harmonious society. People should fully enjoy the fruits brought by economic development in the process.

(China Daily 03/15/2006 page4)

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