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China needs to forgive Japan
Truly Worried (  Updated: 2005-11-08 11:29

I find it rather disturbing regarding the numerous anti-Japanese comments that appeared in the website. As China grows everyday in terms of political and economical power, the world watches with interest and suspicion - will China get along with other societies and play her part as a responsible nation on the world arena?

Instead of criticizing and blaming others, would not it be best if one channels his or her energy in improving his or her own society?

As an overseas Chinese myself, there is no doubt that there is a sense of fascination and pride of our fellow kinsmen back in the motherland. But to say that everybody is against the Chinese community would be sadly incorrect.

I get along well with my Japanese friends and they do have a deep sense of respect for the Chinese people. In fact, most of them have the same liking, interests and thinking like us all. After all, we are all of the east-Asian origin and our genes would no doubt be the same in so many ways.

I would also like to take the opportunity to point out the fact that the new generation of Japanese youths have no interest in apologizing for their grandparents' atrocities in WW II. It does make sense in some way, I believe. Why apologize for something that his or her forefathers have done? It is after all part of our human nature, not to apologize for something bad that we have not committed.

I would definitely agree that the Japanese people had in the past committed horrible and despicable actions, but ranting about the past would not change anything.

Forgive but not forget would be the key to a better relationship with the Japanese. If China could show that she could have a better relationship with other countries, particularly Japan, the world would sigh with relief knowing the fact that China is a peaceful rising power that sharply contrast with the current hawkish attitude of the US administration. Optimism and a forgiving attitude is key to winning friends and allies.

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