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请看《中国日报》的相关报道:China has given final approval for the much-anticipated high-speed rail link between Beijing and Shanghai, welcoming foreign investment in the hugely expensive project. The National Development and Reform Commission said on its Web site that the State Council has given the green light to a high-speedmaglevline between the eastern cities of Shanghai and Hangzhou.

报道中的maglev就是备受海内外关注的"磁悬浮列车",由 magnetic(磁力的)和 levitation(悬浮)合成而来,在英语中,这种词法组合叫做blending(混合词),如:comsat(通讯卫星)--communication(通讯) + satellite(卫星) ,fruice(果汁饮料)--fruit(水果) + juice(果汁),Interpol(国际警察)--International(国际)+ police(警察)。

Levitation的动词形式是levitate(使升空,在空中飘浮),由此,如果我们看到名词levity,可以试着猜一猜"悬在空中的抽象引申意" 可以它表示 lack of seriousness (轻浮,不稳重),举个例子This is no time for levity-we have important matters to discuss(现在可不是开玩笑的时候,我们有重要事情要讨论)。

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