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请看路透社的相关报道:The racial drama "Crash" pulled off a stunningupsetat Sunday's 78th annual Academy Awards by swooping in to steal the best picture Oscar from the firm favourite "Brokeback Mountain."

"Crash" and "Brokeback" each won three Oscars, but first-time Canadian director Paul Haggis's study of racial prejudice took the top honour -- best picture, while "Brokeback," the story of unfulfilled love between gay cowboys, had to settle for the best director statuette for Taiwan's Ang Lee.

报道中的upset在句子里做名词,意思是an unexpected triumph in a competition(在比赛中击败强势对手,意外获取胜利)。upset原意是"推翻、倾覆",或许,正是由于在比赛中"黑马"们大爆冷门,推翻人们早先的猜测,才使upset有了这层引申义。

Upset表示"意外击败"时,还可做动词和形容词,举两个例子:The independent candidate upset the mayor in the election(那个独立候选人意外击败市长,获得本次选举的胜利);" Crash " has really made an upset victory(《撞车》获胜,真得很意外)。

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