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loan defaulter


请看《中国日报》的相关报道:Studentloan defaultersare facing blacklist and credit loss. Debtors who fail to repay their interest-free college loans are in big blacklist trouble. Their names will be publicized in various media and on Websites, the Ministry of Education said yesterday.

报道中的loan defaulters 可以用文章里的另一句话来解释,即the debtors who fail to repay their interest-free college loans(拖欠偿还银行所发放的无息贷款的学生)。Defaulter来源于动词default(拖欠债务;违约不履行义务),举个例子:He defaulted on his payments for support of the child(他拖欠给孩子的抚养费),句中的介词on可以省略。

值得一提的是,default除了有"拖欠"的意思外,还常表示"比赛弃权;法庭传讯时未出席",例如:They defaulted in the badminton tournament(他们在羽毛球锦标赛中弃权了),相应的,defaulter可以指"缺席者,受传时不到庭的人"。另外,default做名词时常和介词by连用,如:He lost the tennis match by default(他因弃权而输了网球赛)。

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