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请看《中国日报》的相关报道:The pencils, for the first time in the history of the CPPCC as well as the National People's Congress (NPC), were made ofscrap-newspaperpulp rather than wood. They are but one of the environmentally-friendly moves by the NPC and the CPPCC to set an example in building a "saving society," where energy conservation, waste reduction and respect for nature are integral to the concept.

报道中的scrap-newspaper pulp就是"以回收的旧报纸为原料而制成的纸浆",scrap 在这里是形容词,意思是articles that are discarded or waste for the purpose of reprocessing(废弃的,供可回收再利用的),由此,我们可得出日常所说的"废旧电池"就是scrap-battery,而"废物,垃圾堆"则可用scrap heap来表达。

Scrap表达"废弃"的意思时,也可用作动词,如:I decided to scrap my plans(我决定放弃我的计划)。除此之外,scrap在俚语中可表示"争吵,殴打",如:Let's not have a scrap about it(咱们别再为这件事抬杠了);Those two will scrap at the least provocation(这两个人稍有口角就会扭打起来)。

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