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Updated: 2006-02-24 08:19

    McDonald's sued over ingredients of fries

隐瞒薯条成分 麦当劳连遭诉讼

McDonald's sued over ingredients of fries

Fast-food giant McDonald's is being sued in the United States for failing to warn that... 

McDonald's Corp. faces at least three lawsuits claiming the fast-food giant misled the public after it acknowledged earlier this week itsfrench friescontain milk and wheat ingredients.

Debra Moffatt seeks unspecifieddamagesin a suit filed Friday in Chicago. Her attorney, Thomas Pakenas, said his client hasceliacdisease, which causesgastrointestinalsymptoms set off by eatinggluten, a protein found in wheat.

Jack Daly, McDonald's senior vice president, said in a statement the company had not reviewed thecaseyet and is testing its fries for gluten through a food allergy research program at the University of Nebraska.

Mark and Theresa Chimiak of Jupiter, Fla., sued Friday in Florida, claiming their 5-year-old daughter has an intolerance to gluten and became seriously ill after eating the fries. Nadia Sugich of Los Angeles sued Wednesday, saying she eats no animal products and would not have eaten the fries had she known they contained dairy ingredients.

McDonald's, based in Oak Brook, Ill., said Monday that wheat and dairy products are used to flavor its fries.

Before its acknowledgment Monday, the company had quietly added "Contains wheat and milk ingredients" to the french fries listing on its Web site.











french fries:

damages:money ordered to be paid as compensation for injury or loss(索赔;赔偿金额)

celiac:relating to the abdomen(腹部的)

gastrointestinal:relating to the stomach (胃肠的)

case:a lawsuit(案例)

gluten: a mixture of plant proteins occurring in cereal grains,(麦麸;小麦中的一种蛋白质)



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