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intangible cultural heritage


请看《中国日报》的相关报道:Examples ofintangible cultural heritagesuch as craftsmanship, festival rituals and languages,are to be showcased together for the first time at the National Museum to celebrate efforts to protect the country's cultural legacy.

报道中的intangible cultural heritage就是"非物质文化遗产"。Intangible意味"something that cannot be perceived by the senses(无形的东西,尤其是感觉不到的资产),举个通俗的例子:The intangible value of love lies in the mutual trust(爱情中最无形的价值在于双方互相信任)。

Heritage指"something that is passed down from preceding generations;especially a tradition(由前辈传下来的东西,尤强调传统),如We Chinese have a rich heritage of folklore(我们拥有丰富的民间文学)。


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