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"The Party and the nation as a whole must take adown-to-earthapproach in the building of a new socialist countryside that will truly benefit farmers," said Hu, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China.

down-to-earth表示realistic or interested in everyday occurrences; practical and honest,这个词的意思很丰富,在不同语境下需要灵活理解,有"实际的,切实的,朴实的,脚踏实地"等意思。上文中" a down-to-earth approach"是"一个切实可行的办法"的意思。举个例子:She is very down-to-earth and will tell you what she really thinks.(她很实在,会告诉你她的真实想法。)

如果某人对你说"Down to earth",他的意思是让你现实一点("Back to reality")。down to earth可以作为一个介词词组,和一些动词连用,如:bring sb. back/down to earth的意思"使某人从幻想中清醒过来";come back/down to earth是"回到现实中来, 不再幻想"的意思。


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