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人们说,看过八部马克·吐温的小说,你就有望在美国"俚语"世界里游刃有余。这话并不夸张,读马克·吐温的小说,就如生活在原汁原味的美国社会,读者领略的是完全美国式的风土人情。小说"The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn"(《哈克贝利·费恩历险记》)中有这么一句:"Then she grabbed up the basket and slammed it across the house and knocked the catgalley-west"。句中的galley-west就是标准的"美国制造",意思是"(彻底)打垮"。

Galleywest 常和动词knock相搭配,强调动作的力度,带有"暴力"倾向,举个例子:The man hit him as he could and knocked him galleywest(那人向他使劲猛击,把他打翻在地)。同时,galleywest也可做比喻意,指破坏性大,如:It would knock the whole program galleywest(这会打乱整个计划)。



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