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lip synching


外电报道中有这样一句话:After an infamous tiff between Elton John and Madonna overlip-synching, Britain's Musicians' Union has called on performers to come clean -- audiences should be told if they are miming rather than singing.

与英国的“反假唱大行动”遥相呼应的是,咱们中国的“2006年春晚”也爆出猛料--除《难忘今宵》外,其余歌曲全为假唱,这一消息已初步得到一些歌手的证实。英文中的“假唱”就是lip synching,这一说法倒是一语道破“天机”,所谓的“假唱”就是让嘴唇的动作和录音的声音同步。


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