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中国日报消息中有这样一句话:"BANG!"Firecrackerswill explode once again in Beijing, frightening away evil spirits on the New Year - and this time the fireworks are legal. After a 12-year ban because of safety concerns, the Chinese capital yesterday resumed the legal sale of traditional firecrackers before the lunar New Year and Spring Festival beginning January 29.

句中的firecrackers就是我们常说的"鞭炮"。firecracker是个合成词,cracker指"发出爆裂声的东西",有时单独用也可表示"鞭炮"。cracker的动词形式是crack,如:The vase cracked when it dropped(花瓶掉下时打碎了),crack在句中用以强调"花瓶掉下时破裂的声音"。

Firecrackers常与词组set off连用,如:He set off the firecrackers at zero o'clock sharp.(零点整,他点燃了鞭炮)。此外,fireworks是我们所说的"烟花"。

另外,若在食品店看到cream cracker的字样,那可是我们经常吃的"奶油苏打饼干"!千万别搞错了。


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