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请看外电报道中的这样一句话:The 10 consecutive nights ofriotshave shaken the government to its core and opened a new front in the increasingly violent rupture between Muslims and non-Muslims in Western Europe.

句中的riot意为“暴乱、骚乱”,是riot最常用的义项。如:to incite(put down) a riot(煽起/平定一场暴乱);The football match led to an uncontrolled riot.(这场足球赛导致了一场无法控制的骚乱。)

Riot作名词使用时,还可表示“(色彩、声音等)的极度丰富”,如:a riot of color(五彩缤纷)、a riot of sound(声音嘈杂)等都是习惯用语。

Riot 作动词使用,有“闹事、暴动”之意,如:They rioted in the streets.(他们在大街上闹事。)


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