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请看中国日报网站的消息:Cries of "ghost" spooked 12 students to their death in a primary schoolstampedeon Tuesday. The tragedy occurred in Tongjiang County in Southwest China's Sichuan Province, about 600 kilometres from the capital Chengdu.

Stampede在报道中指的是“蜂拥、惊跑”。由于受到“有鬼”的惊吓,学生们纷纷涌向楼梯,从而导致了踩踏事件的发生。如:There was a stampede of panic-stricken crowd from the burning hotel.(一群惊惶失措的人们, 从失火的旅馆中跑了出来。);a stampede for tickets(购票热)。

Stampede可作动词使用,例如:The children stampede out through those side doors.(孩子们从各个边门蜂拥而出。) ;Customers stampeded the store.(顾客们涌向商店。)


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