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请看外电报道:Warsaw's conservative Mayor Lech Kaczynski won Poland's presidentialrunoffvote Sunday, sealing the rise of a party headed by his twin brother that pledges to uphold Roman Catholic values and strong welfare state protections.

这里的runoff指的是“决定性竞选”,用英文解释就是a final election to resolve an earlier election that did not produce a winner。Runoff election也可表达此意。Runoff vote则表示“决选投票”。在选举中还有其它一些术语,如:a general election(普选)。

此外,runoff还可指“径流”,如:China's total runoff volume of rivers and creeks is 2,700 billion cubic meters. (我国河流的总径流量为27,000亿立方米。)


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