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low profile


外电原文如下:Steinmeier, a 49-year-old lawyer, has been a low profile but powerful figure in Schroeder's government. 句中的low profile 意思就是"不引人注目的、低调的形象"。

"低调"这个词我们平时经常用到。例如:I have been keeping a low profile my entire life. (我一生行事低调。)

Low-profile 也可以作为形容词,即"低调的"。例如:The low-profile strategy would not apply to him. (这种避免引人注目的策略对他是不适用的。)

反之high profile 就是"高调、高姿态"的意思。例如:Other high-profile stars who have fallen out of the top 100 include Jennifer Lopez and her former fiance Ben Affleck. (其他知名度很高却不在前100名之列的明星包括詹妮弗·洛佩兹和她的前未婚夫本·艾弗瑞克。)


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