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China flew a 49-member rescue team and tons of materials to Pakistan yesterday as a first batch ofreliefto its quake-hit neighbour. The team, headed by CSB Deputy Director Zhao Heping, also carried six search dogs, 8 tons of search equipment and nine tons of relief materials.

文中的relief意思是"救济、救济品",如:relief material(救济物资)、relief work(救济工作)、relief fund(救济资金)等。例如:The local charity organization sent relief to the flood victims.( 当地慈善组织将救济物资运送给遭受水灾灾民。)

此外,Relief常用来指(税,压迫等的)减轻;(痛苦, 烦恼等的)解除。如:to give a patient relief from pain(使病人减轻痛苦。)


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