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The casualty toll from the 7.6-magnitude tremor was rising early Sunday as rescuers struggled to dig people from the wreckage, their work made more difficult as rain and hail turned dirt and debris into sticky muck.

For hours,aftershocksrattled an area stretching from Afghanistan across northern Pakistan into India's portion of the disputed Himalayan region of Kashmir. Hospitals moved quake victims onto lawns, fearing tremors could cause more damage.

报道中的aftershock的意思是"余震",也就是大地震之后在同一地区发生的一系列小震级的地震。Aftershock还可以用来比喻"余悸",如:The industry continued to reel from aftershocks of a disastrous year.(工业依旧受到灾年的余悸影响而摇摆不前。)


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