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exit poll


German Chancellor's party won the same number of parliament seats with his challenger Angela Merkel's alliance in Sunday's election, latest poll showed.

The poll showed that the CDU/CSU(Christian Democratic Union and the Christian Social Union) has gained 35.2 percent votes while the SPD(Social Democratic Party) has won 34.1 percent. Both German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and Angela Merkel claimed victory in the election thoughexit pollsshow neither Merkel's alliance nor Schroeder's coalition won a majority to form a new government.

文中exit poll意为"投票后民调",是对刚刚投过票走出投票站的选民进行的问卷调查。调查的内容包括性别、年龄、种族、为何选择某个候选人等,选民可以自由决定是否接受调查。


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