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A father in a wheelchair and his son used two grenades to hijack an airliner Monday, but peacefully surrendered five hours later after allowing the crew and passengers, including one American, to leave the plane, authorities said.

The freed hostages told reporters the elder hijacker said he needed the wheelchair after being hit by a police bullet during a drug raid some 14 years ago and had unsuccessfully sought compensation.

Sen. Carlos Moreno, who helped negotiate thestandoff, said a $230,000 check was handed to the hijacker, but that the government would not honor it.

standoff在文中是a situation in which agreement in an argument does not seem possible"僵局"的意思。例如:Diplomats said yesterday that the renewed standoff represented a setback for the Helsinki process.(外交官们昨天说重新开始的僵局表明了赫尔辛基进程的倒退。)


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