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World leadersdeploredthe catastrophe in Baghdad where hundreds of people were trampled to death on a bridge or drowned in the Tigris river.

Statesmen and leaders of international organizations sent their deepest condolences to the thousands of Iraqis mourning their loved ones who were killed Wednesday when a Shiite Muslim procession was panicked into a stampede.

文中的deplore的意思是 to say or think that something is very bad,表示"深表遗憾", 如:What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?(你对自己身上的品格,最不满意哪一点?)此外,deplore 还有to condemn(谴责)的意思,如:Even though I deplore the decision, I'll have to accept it.(虽然我谴责这项决定,我不得不接受它。)


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