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deliberate on


China's top legislature on Tuesday started todeliberate onthe draft amendment to the personal income tax law, a major move that experts see is meant to narrow the widening gap between the country's rich and poor.

The draft amendment includes lifting the tax collection starting line from 800 yuan (98.8 US dollars) to 1,500 yuan (185 US dollars) and forcibly asking high-income groups to file tax returns and pay taxes themselves.

文中的"deliberate" means to think or talk seriously and carefully about something. deliberate 常与on搭配,意思为"审议;仔细研究"。如:The jury took five days to deliberate on the case.(陪审团花了五天时间来研讨此案。)又如:He's deliberating whether or not to accept the new job that he's been offered.(他在慎重考虑要不要接受人家提供的新工作。)此外,"个人所得税"的英文表达就是 "personal income tax"。


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