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Annan calls for renewal of mission on UN 60th anniversary
Peter Heinlein


Annan calls for renewal of mission on UN 60th anniversary Listen to this story

Secretary-General Kofi Annan has issued a call for renewing the mission of the United Nations on the 60th anniversary of its founding. A simple anniversary observance at U.N. headquarters was in contrast to the more elaborate ceremonies a day earlier in San Francisco.

"We, the peoples of the United Nations, determines to save succeeding generations  from thescourge of war …"

A brief, but moving, ceremony in a virtually empty General Assembly hall marked the world body's 60th birthday. A group of U.N. tour guides read thepreambleto the organization's charter in English and French, followed by a brief statement from Secretary-General Annan.

"The words we have just heard, the words of the preamble to our Charter, areengravedon the collective memory of mankind. Over 60 years, the United Nations has striven toredeemthose pledges. Where we could we have averted the scourge of war. Where we could not, we have sought to resolve conflict and build peace."

The secretary-general noted the world body's many successes, including keeping the peace, helping in the fight against smallpox andpolio, helping with elections in many countries, and bringing relief to victims of disasters such as last December's Indian Ocean tsunami.

But Mr. Annan noted that not everyundertakinghas been a success.

"We have also had failures," he said. "The worst, perhaps, was our collective failure to prevent genocide in Rwanda."

The ceremony closed with a song of peace sung by the United Nations Singers. The entire event took less than half an hour.

Theobservancecame a day after dozens of international leaders gathered for a more elaborate ceremony in San Francisco, where the U.N. Charter was signed in June, 1945. The United States was represented at the San Francisco celebration by its representative to the U.N. Economic and Social Council, Ambassador Sichan Siv.

Further observances are set for September, when world leaders gather in New York to mark the opening of the 60th General Assembly session.


scourge: a source of widespread, dreadful affliction and devastation such as that caused by pestilence or war(鞭笞,祸端,苦难的根源)

preamble: a preliminary statement, especially the introduction to a formal document that serves to explain its purpose(前言,序,开场白)

engrave: to impress deeply as if by carving or etching;(铭记,牢记)

redeem: to fulfill (a pledge, for example)(履行,实践)

polio: 脊髓灰质炎;小儿麻痹症

undertaking: 工作,事业

observance: a customary rite or ceremony(庆祝仪式)

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