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Top ten word lists of 2003

美国网络词典门户网站发布了2003年流行英语词汇Top 10排行榜。

Top Ten Words of 2003


News correspondents embedded in military units suggested to many that news correspondents were in bed with the military.


Web logs have come of age and, regrettably, this lexical mutation with them.


Farm animals strike back at the humans who eat them again with Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.


This old word now refers to a plague contending with SARS for destructive potential.


The Chinese astronaut proved that China is a rising industrial power.



This word now has a real possibility for remaining in the language.


U.S. National Transportation and Safety Board in investigating the Staten Island ferry tragedy concluded it wasn't a collision (between two moving objects) but an allision (a crash with an immoveable object)


As in California Recall that resulted in the election of Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Governator


Middle English for Middle Earth in the movies of Tolkien's trilogy, still fascinating millions around the world with its characters and insights into the origins of the English language.


The word which holds the key to ending the seemingly eternal scandal of the US Catholic Church.

Top Ten Phrases of 2003


Remember the initial strategy of the Iraqi War? There was probably more of this when we watched Saddam Hussein emerge from his 'spider-hole.'

Rush to War

Something the US was accused of by our allies and the slogan of liberals attacked by Limbaugh.

Tire Pressure

Announced the imminent disintegration of the Space Shuttle.

Weapons of Mass Destruction

The reason given for the Rush to War. Removing a genocidal maniac wasn't reason enough?

16 Words

"The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa."

Guantanamo Bay

The US Justice and Defense Departments thought they would "Gitmo" cooperation from suspected terrorists off shore.


Looks like this one is going to stick around for a while: Sen. Lieberman is already accusing Howard Dean of 'crawling into a spider-hole of denial'.

Tipping Point

When any topic moves from one level to the next or the state of a politician one word away from falling flat on his face.

Angry Left

The early followers of Howard Dean seem to have frightened him to the center.

Halliburton Energy Services

Vice President Cheney's old company was supplying our fighting men and women with fuel at enlightened prices before the dust settled in Iraq (if it has settled yet).
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