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Divers sent to find Kanas lake monster
Updated: 2005-06-13 11:50

A diving team is being sent to Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous region to find "monsters" living in the Kanas Lake.

Kanas Lake is locating on Xinjiang's Altai Mountain. It is famous as a beauty spot and for its legendary monsters.

Early this week, a group of Beijing tourists boating on the lake, saw and filmed two unidentified creatures about 10 meters long.

The team will be dispatched in July at a cost of 1.5million yuan, or 180,000 US dollars.

But some are skeptical that they will uncover a monster's lair.

The director of Xinjiang Ecology Institute Yuan Guoying says after 20 years of study he believes the so-called "Lake Monster" is a type of large fish called a Hucho taimen.

He says the lake's cold water could have made it grow very large.

As early as 1987, teams of experts have come to explore the riddle of the "lake monster". They discovered a large school of fish including 30 to 40 huge red fish which were three to four meters long.

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