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Rumsfeld and US irrationalism
Virtue  Updated: 2005-06-08 10:35

"During an international security conference in Singapore on Saturday, Rumsfeld said China was spending too much on its military build-up, risking an unbalanced military situation in the Asia-Pacific region.

"Since no nation threatens China, one wonders: Why this growing investment? Why these continuing large weapons purchases?" Rumsfeld said."

1. Rumsfeld is one of the few who are responsible for US war crimes and atrocities, tortures, invasions and occupations of foreign countries, etc.

2. Rumsfeld could not understand why China increased its military expenditure with no threats from other countries. For the last 50 years US has oppressed China in many ways and threatened China with nuclear bombs twice. Recently US-Japan military alliance is aimed at China.

3. Why does US have military budgets larger than combined defense budgets of all nations and military bases all over the world since US has no real enemy?

4. The world has two enemies: terrorism and hegemonism.

5. Rumsfeld, since you claim to be a Christian (if you were a pagan, this question does not apply): how are you going to meet God with so much blood in your hands and a pack of lies repeated too many times?

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