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Asian Games to cost гд2b
(Shenzhen Daily)
Updated: 2005-03-11 09:52

Secretary of the Guangzhou Municipal Committee of the CPC Lin Shusen denied Wednesday rumors assuming the Asian Games could cost over 200 billion yuan (US$24 billion).

Lin said the Asiad, which is to be held in 2010 in the city, would not cost more than 2 billion yuan.

"The city government will spend 1 billion yuan to build several small stadiums in the coming six years before the Asiad," said Lin.

Another 1 billion yuan would be used to maintain 49 stadiums in Guangzhou, he said.

Lin said old stadiums built for the sixth and ninth national games could be used for the Asian Games and the 10 universities in Guangzhou could provide facilities.

However, Lin said more than 10 billion yuan would be spent on improving the city's environment, including public transportation and sewage treatment.

He said the effort to improve the city's general environment situation was not only for the Games, but to strengthen the city's competitiveness among hundreds of big and medium-sized mainland cities.

Lin also gave a blueprint of Guangzhou in 2010. He said the city's economic output would double after five years, and the average annual income for Guangzhou citizens would exceed US$10,000 per person.

According to Lin, the number of university students would double by 2010, and more theaters, libraries and sport centers would be available to the public.

In public transport, he said the Guangzhou Metro would have more than 200 kilometers, and the airport's Phase II project would begin.

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