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Beijing depicts future in year of 2020
(China Daily)
Updated: 2004-11-12 22:25

Beijing aims to become a "resident-friendly cultural city" by the year 2020, according to the city's latest urban planning program on display recently.

The program, covering overall development of the city from 2004 to 2020, positions Beijing as a city catering to the country's central political operation, and providing top-quality financial, trade, tourist, exhibition and information services. The thousands- year-old city also plans to become more culturally tolerant and environmentally friendly.

Meanwhile, it is estimated that Beijing's per capita Gross Domestic Products (GDP) will exceed 10,000 US dollars. The service industry will contribute more than 70 percent to the local economy, according to the program, whose draft has been approved by the Beijing Municipal People's Congress.

At the start of 2004, Beijing's population amounted to 14.56 million. Sixteen years from now, the figure will be around 18 million, growing by an average of 1.4 percent year-on-year. Of those who live here, 13.5 million will be permanent residents and the rest migrant dwellers. The program also predicts that approximately 16 million Beijing people will live in the urban area, increasing by 0.6 to 0.8 percent annually.

Beijing currently has 2.3 million automobiles. That number will climb to some five million by 2020. Subways, railways and buses will become major transportation methods of Beijing residents.

The Draft Program will be submitted to the State Council for further approval.

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