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Mainland's forex reserve hits US$470.639b
(People's Daily Online)
Updated: 2004-10-10 11:21

According to the latest statistics released by State Administration of Foreign Exchange Saturday, Chinese mainland's foreign exchange reserve has reached US$470.639 billion by the end of June, US$67.388 billion more than that of last year.

Statistics shows that Chinese mainland's current account, capital and financial account achieved favorable balance. Surplus of current account reached US$7.465 billion, of which cargo export surplus took up US$5.875 billion, service adverse balance yielded US$5.892 billion, income deficit accounted for US$2.4 billion, and surplus of current account reached US$9.882billion.

The favorable balance of capital and financail account finished at US$66.803 billion, of which net foreign investment reached US$31.496 billion, net securities investment took up US$27.71 billion and other net afflux of investment yielded US$8.638 billion.

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