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Digital tech maps Great Wall for protection
(China Daily)
Updated: 2004-10-05 08:29

China's best-known symbol will be digitally mapped in a bid to protect it better, the Beijing Youth Daily has reported.

The Great Wall of China will be examined using air remote sensing technology, which will determine which part falls under which province's jurisdiction, and how much there is of it.

Under the unified arrangement of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, the wall will be measured kilometre by kilometre and divided into sections.

Milestones or monuments will be installed at each section, recording the mileage and protection measures in place for that section.

The government will collect funds and employ volunteers to protect the Great Wall section by section.

Dong Yaohui, vice-president of the Great Wall Society, said the monuments will help local people and tourists appreciate their responsibility for the protection of the wall.

All the data acquired in the survey and other historical information will be included in a brand new database for the Great Wall.

The database will be updated in time to provide accountable information for protection, study or educational activities.

The man-made wonder is known to some tourists for only some comparatively complete and restored sections, such as Badaling and Juyongguan.

But many of the truly ancient parts are scattered among the mountains, awaiting discovery and recording by scientists.

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