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Foreigners can teach Chinese language
Updated: 2004-09-17 13:31

The Ministry of Education has scrapped a 10-year-old regulation that allowed only Chinese citizens to apply for certificates to teach Chinese as a foreign language.

The ministry recently amended its ˇ°Methods on the Assessment of Teaching Abilities with Chinese as a Foreign Languageˇ± to allow people of all nationalities to apply for the certificates, as long as they pass relevant tests.

The ministry said this was aimed at encouraging more people to teach the Chinese language. More than 25 million people overseas are studying the Chinese language, but only 3,690 people had obtained a certificate for teaching Chinese as a foreign language by the end of 2003.

The certificates are in three levels, and applicants must sit examinations for the appropriate level.

Applicants for a primary level certificate have to pass examinations on Fundamental Knowledge of the Chinese Language, Fundamental Knowledge of Chinese Culture and Mandarin.

Applicants for an intermediate certificate have to pass exams on Modern Chinese Language, Methodology for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language and Fundamental Knowledge of Chinese Culture.

Applicants for a top-level certificate are tested on their knowledge of Modern and Ancient Chinese Languages, Linguistics and Methodology for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language and Chinese Culture.

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