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Lady luck?
By Wendy Liu (City Weekend)
Updated: 2004-08-19 11:15

A row broke out at Assaggi Huang An's predictions for 2004 ring true for actress Zhao Wei.

Zhao Wei in the notorious 'Japanese Military Flag Dress' [sina]
A book predicting the events of 2004 has many an actor in the Chinese mainland trembling with fear.

Huang An, a host, singer, and writer has used Taoist theories to predict the future of China's superstars, namely Zhao Wei.

After Huang An's eerie predictions of Gao Feng's year of disaster (sadly enough Gao Feng passed away last year), Zhao Wei is terrified as his prophetic pen points in her direction.

One might wonder what she's worried about though. The actress has stepped out from the shadows of her past mishap film adventures, awed audiences in He Ping's "Warriors of Heaven and Earth," and Zhang Yuan's "Green Tea", and made the leap from dramatic actress to comedic entertainer. She's labeled "director's favorite" in the movie industry and she's seen more success than actresses twice her age.

But her misfortune seems to lie in other business ventures. At the end of last year, Zhao Wei opened Z1 with business partner Zou Xue, a bar in Beijing. Celebrities flocked to the opening night, but that's about as much press as the place got. It seemed to literally flop weeks after the opening and closed its doors three months later.

Now, on July 29th, Zhao Wei happened to have dinner at the same restaurant in Sanlitun Beijing as Zou Xue who was celebrating her husband's birthday with a group of friends. Zhao Wei, her driver, and several men ate upstairs while Zou Xue's party dined downstairs.

Zou Xue and Zhao Wei supposed had a telephone conversation in the restaurant about Z1's closure and Zhao Wei later retired downstairs to chat with Zou Xue about the business, then leaves. Nearly ten minutes later more than 10 men rush into Zou Xue's private room, all carrying knives, according to Zou Xue.

Zhao Wei's driver directed a violent comment at Zou Xue: "Why are you always making Zhao Wei cry?" At the same moment, Zou Xue receives an SMS from Zhao Wei saying, "such a pity."

Zou Xue, who is six months pregnant is ex-girlfriend of Hong Dou (arrested for catamite TK in 2002), and made her name early on in entertainment circles having opened a study abroad center at age 20, marrying an overseas Chinese, and running China's Bazaar magazine.

It was at the magazine that Zou Xue met Zhao Wei and where the controversial "Military Flag" image of Zhao Wei brought the two closer together.

Zhao Wei posed wearing the Japanese flag for a fashion shoot in 2001 for the cover of Bazaar. Zou Xue published it, was reprimanded, and quit.

After the events of July 29, the media will just not leave these two alone. Zhao Wei's brother Zhao Jian is furiously trying to prove that Zou Xue plotted again Zhao Wei in the "Military Flag" dispute.

This spite towards Zou Xue may not just be sisterly love though, as Zhao Jian is a partner in Z1 as well and Zou Xue has made it clear in the past that she thinks he is expendable.

Zou Xue stokes the fire on a daily basis though telling journalists Zhao Wei often takes drug with friends in Z1 although people persuade her not to do this in her own bar. She stresses that Zhao Wei ignores her image in public abusing waiters and swearing at her staff.

As each side ups the ante, the public is lost in a mass of miscommunication and faulty facts. Sometimes the driver hit Zou Xue once, on other accounts, three times, sometimes the text message was sent before the incident, sometimes after. Zou Xue has welcomed journalists while Zhao Wei remains relatively silent. To date, the police have no statement in the affair.

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