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Typhoon Rananim claimed 164 lives
Updated: 2004-08-17 13:59

Typhoon Rananim has already killed 164 people, left 24 missing and affected life of about 13 million in east China's Zhejiang province by Monday noon, the local government sources confirmed at a press conference Tuesday.

A spokesman with the provincial government said 109 of the victims had died when their houses collapsed, while the other 55 were killed in floods, mud-rock flow and hurricanes.

Of the dead, 144 were locals and 20 were migrant workers from other provinces, the spokesman said.

The thriving province on China's east coast has reported a total economic lose of 18.1 billion yuan (US$2.2 billion) after this year's 14th typhoon hit Zhejiang last Thursday and swept over east and central China.

China Meteorological Administration has confirmed Rananim as the strongest typhoon to hit China's mainland since 1956.

Official statistics indicate the typhoon affected 75 counties and 765 townships and villages in Zhejiang alone, where 64,300 houses were toppled and 55,000 livestock were killed.

The typhoon also destroyed 1,163 kilometers of road, damaged many embankments and water conservancy facilities and cut off power supply and communication.

The provincial government helped evacuate 467,900 people and called back more than 9,900 ships before the catastrophe, effectively minimizing the losses.

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