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Author unhappy with actress for lead role
(Shenzhen Daily)
Updated: 2004-08-05 09:19

Jin Yong, author of Deity Vulture and Chivalrous Couple, was very angry at the news that the director of his novel's film adaptation chose actress Zhou Xun to play Little Dragon Girl.

Zhou Xun

Liu Yifei

Jin called the film producer to express his opinion. The producer said the author's view will be considered.

When Zhou Xun was announced to be the heroine of the long-expected TV series based on the very popular book by Jin Yong, a world acclaimed wuxia (martial arts) literature master, controversial opinions were aroused.

According to the film's director Zhang Jizhong, Liu Yifei, the original candidate for Little Dragon Girl, was unsuitable for the role. So he proposed using Zhou Xun despite objections.

Some people believe that Zhou is more suitable than Liu in terms of age. But others say Zhou looks too sophisticated to play the innocent Little Dragon Girl.

Jin Yong has always supported Liu for the role. Although the filming organization said Jin's opinion would be considered, the filming deadline will make it nearly impossible to change Zhou. The filming will start in early September.

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