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New vehicle emission standards formulated
By Qin Chuan (China Daily)
Updated: 2004-07-02 01:06

New vehicle emission standards that went into effect Thursday across China are the equivalent of Euro II standards and apply to light-duty vehicles, mainly cars.

Authorities say the move is a further push to crack down on pollution caused by automobile emissions across the country.

All new types of light-duty automobiles must meet the new standards.

Environmental officials say that most currently produced cars in China meet the standards.

They attribute the encouraging situation to a publicity drive conducted as early as 2001 by the State Environmental Protection Administration.

A 30 per cent consumption tax reduction has been awarded to manufacturers whose vehicles have met the standards, which also helped encourage manufacturers.

In another development, the administration has charted emission standards that are equivalent to Euro III standards, said vice minister of the administration Wang Jirong.

It is expected that China will adopt the Euro III-level standards by 2008.

Beijing will adopt that standards even earlier, likely by 2005, said Zhang Lijun, head of the administration's pollution control division.

Beijing, which has the largest number of vehicles on its roadways in the country, began implementing the Euro II standards at the beginning of last year.

Wang said the State Council has agreed to continue the tax reductions for vehicles that meet Euro III standards ahead of time.

Before the newly adopted standards, China had adopted emission levels in 2000 equalling Euro I standards.

Compared to the old levels, the new standards stipulate that carbon monoxide emissions must be 30.4 per cent lower and hydrocarbon and nitrogen oxide discharges must be 55.8 per cent lower.

After a one-year transitional period, manufactured and imported vehicles that have been approved that only meet Euro I standards will have to end production or import by June 30, 2005.

Beginning on July 1 of next year, sales and registration of such automobiles must also stop.

Wang said a series of measures will be taken to control automobile emissions in China.

The administration has completed draft regulations on the supervision and management of vehicle emissions controls. The draft is being submitted to the State Council.

Efforts are also being made to improve the quality of fuel in China, Wang said.

China has become the world's fourth largest automobile producer and third largest consumer of cars.

The country produces 4.45 million automobiles a year and there are more than 24 million automobiles running across the country.

While the air quality in 70 per cent of the country's cities are not good enough, sources with the administration said.

It is estimated that vehicle emissions will account for 79 per cent of air pollution in cities.

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