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South Korean hostage beheaded in Iraq
Updated: 2004-06-23 08:01

A video image released June 22, 2004 by Al Jazeera shows a group of heavily armed gunmen standing over a kneeling, blindfolded figure dressed in orange, saying they were about to carry out their threat. Militants kidnapped 33-year-old Kim Sun-il on June 17 and had threatened on Monday to kill him within 24 hours unless South Korea withdrew its troops from Iraq. Al Jazeera said an Iraqi group had carried out its threat to behead a South Korean hostage. [Reuters]

A video image released June 22, 2004 by Al Jazeera TV shows one of the kidnappers read a statement addressed to the Korean people, blaming the tragedy on the South Korean government for sending its army to Iraq. [AFP]

South Korea's President Roh Moo-hyun bows before he speaks to the nation at the presidential Blue House in Seoul June 23, 2004. [Reuters]

Parents of Kim Sun-il are in deep grief after hearing the news that their son had been beheaded, June 23, 2004, Seoul. [Xinhua]