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China moves to build a green cyber space
By Shan Juan (chinadaily.com.cn)
Updated: 2004-06-11 08:58

China's 80 million netizens can now blacklist domestic websites posting improper information through net.china.cn launched June 10 in a bid to work with the authorities to build up a green cyber space.

Internet users can report those websites with erotic, violent, evil cult and superstitious information to the website's main sponsor, the Internet News & Information Service Working Committee (INISWC) of the Internet Society of China through the portal with their privacy and safety promised.

Operators of the offending websites will initially be warned to dispose of the harmful or improper materials under the supervision of the INISWC.

The INISWC, established in December 2003 as an operating arm of the Internet Society, is an association of Internet news and information service providers across the country. It now has over 140 members, including most of the well-known websites based in the Chinese mainland.

"I think it's high time to launch such a website. The Internet today is almost immanent and no wonder the good and the bad are intermingled," said one netizen representative, Miss Zhao, at the launching ceremony of the website, held Thursday in Beijing. "Now, we netizens could get more involved in the Internet supervision."

Cai Mingzhao, deputy director with the Information Office of State Council, congratulated the opening of the website at the ceremony. "The Internet is like a double-edge sword with both the positive and negative information. With the introduction of the website the Internet will better serve Chinese netizens, especially the children."

China's commercial portals also acclaim the website. Sohu.com, one of the most popular non-governmental news portal, sponsors the related software for the website and supports it technologically.

Li Shanyou, vice-president with Sohu.com said they would fully cooperate with netizens and the related authorities to build a healthier cyber environment. "This move not only benefits numerous Internet users, but also pave the way for Chinese websites for a sustainable development."

According to INISWC, the website serves as a part of a package of plans to further clear up domestic websites to assure a more healthy Internet for users.

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