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Beijing aims to ease traffic woes
Updated: 2004-05-27 15:54

Beijing plans to invest 180 billion yuan (US$21.69 billion) to improve the city's traffic condition in the next four years. Thanks to the investment in public transportation system and road construction programs, traffic has already become smoother in the city, which now has more than 1 million private cars. According to officials from the Beijing Municipal Communications Commission, 19 intersections that often see traffic jams have been renovated over the past four months.[newsphoto]

Traffic becomes smoother on the Third Ring Road. The city government plans to build parking lots along the Fourth and Fifth Ring Roads where cars can be parked for free or a small fee to facilitate their owners switching to public transit. [newsphoto]

The east-west Chang'an Avenue, together with the extension of the north-south central axis that runs through the Forbidden City, are the "two arteries" of Beijing. [newsphoto]