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Shenzhen to build more subways
Updated: 2004-05-24 09:53

A new subway involving a total investment exceeding 10 billion yuan (US$1.21 billion) will start construction within this year, sources with the recently established Shenzhen No 3 subway investment corporation said.

Actually, only 6.92 km of the 33-km subway will run underground, and the remaining will be ground tracks or overpasses. With six stops underground and another 13 on the ground, the subway will connect downtown areas of Shenzhen to three satellite towns of Buji, Henggang and Longgang.

About half of the funds for the project will come from the Shenzhen City government and Longgang District government, and the other half from other sources such as businesses and institutions.

The construction will take four years and be ready for service by 2008. Upon completion, the one-way journey will take 50 minutes.

Shenzhen, which faces Hong Kong across the Shenzhen River and temporarily has no operational subways, has been spending heavily in expanding track transport in a bid to satisfy its demand for economic development and growing population.

In accordance with a plan on the construction of urban track transport, the city will lavish some 36.43 billion yuan (US$4.39 billion) for building 120.7 km of five subways in the years to come.

The construction of the first phase No 1 subway, with 21.8 km in length, has been completed and is undergoing system debugging. The subway, built with 20 stops, will be put into trial operation later this year.

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