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Pop diva Stefanie Sun shares sunshine life
(Shenzhen Daily)
Updated: 2004-05-19 09:24

Pop singer from Singpore, Stefanie Sun, recently announed that she will be spending her summer on a concert tour in China. This will be her first concert tour in China. The tour will open on June 5 in Guangzhou. Other stops on the four-city tour include Beijing, Chengdu and Changsha.

Stefanie was interviewed on a Chinese Web site recently. Following are some excerpts from the interview.

Host: You were a student of the Nanyang Technological University. What was your major?

Stefanie Sun: Sales and marketing.

H: How did you become a singer?

S: I learned singing in Singapore. Then the Warner boss met Li Weisong and Li Sisong (songwriters) from Singapore in Taiwan. They introduced me to the Warner boss, who thought I was pretty good. That's why I became a singer.

H: You became popular quickly. What changes have you had since you became a pop diva from an ordinary little girl?

S: Great changes have taken place in my life. Who knew me walking in the street when I was a student? Also, I'm financially stronger now. But still I'm reluctant to splash out on expensive things. I treasure the true value of something.

H: Your relatives, teachers and schoolmates have seen you become a pop star. What changes have they found in you?

S: They think I'm very different now. I became more open after I entered the music profession. I was really pessimistic before.

H: How would you describe your music?  What's your favorite music?

S: I listen to a lot of things. It depends on my mood. Sometimes I listen to classical music. Sometimes I tune in to very noisy ones. My music is the music I like, the music I want to do. I also like the music that I want to do. There’s not a definite type. But I sing all the songs with my mind.

H: What are you like in your life?

S: I think I have dual personalities. Sometimes I’m very vivacious and sometimes I'm quiet, like an old lady.

H: Many people like you because you are fresh, lovable and have a distinctive personality. But can you tell us some of your drawbacks?

S: Let me think. I should say sometimes I'm too direct. Sometimes I don't think before I speak. So my words could possibly make others unhappy.

H: How do you relax after work?

S: I go out with friends. I like to eat sweet things. So I will buy them. I'll also go to the cinema.

H: Why are you so slim? Do you do sports often or are there other reasons?

S: I don't have a strong stomach. I’m not on a diet. Actually I eat a lot. Maybe I don't digest well. I don't know. Some people just are that way.

H: How do you keep yourself healthy and happy?

S: I believe good health can help you live better. So you can pay full attention to what you do. You can even play with full attention. It's better to do a lot of exercise and eat as much as you can. Do your best to have an eight-hour sleep every day. I personally think it’s good if you can eat, sleep and work on a regular basis.

H: What would you do if you have a period of time when you are free to choose what to do?

S: I may feel bored. Then I may learn something that has nothing to do with music. I’ve done a lot of things in the past three years. I want to do something different.

H: What would that be?

S: Like painting, sculpture, home design. They are all interesting.

H: What do you like or dislike most?

S: I like writing and thinking. I hate cockroaches and small spaces like inside an elevator.

H: Many people have asked how to contact you. Do you have an e-mail address or QQ? How can people give you gifts if they want to?

S: The best way is to log onto www.yanzi.com.tw. There are a lot of comments on me there. I can also learn what has happened to other people from the Web site. I respond to my fans every month. So it’s the best way.

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