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Four killed in house collapse in Jiangxi
Updated: 2004-04-25 10:31

Four people have been killed in house collapse caused by bad weather in east China's Jiangxi Province by weekend.

Since April 21 to 23, the province experienced bad weathers, like hail, strong gale and rainfalls. Five cities experienced the mix of all the three weather changes, while 13 other counties and cities suffered from rainstorm and strong gales at eight to ten degrees, and eight counties and cities hit by strong raindrops.

A total of 930,000 people in 140 townships were hit by the bad weathers, including four dead and 66 injured. The bad weather alsodestroyed crops in 32,000 hectares of farmland, causing 50 millionyuan of economic loss in agricultural sector. Besides, more than 1,300 disaster-hit people have been transferred.

Local civil administration has allocated a batch of relief materials to the disaster-hit areas and is further investigating the situation of the disaster.

Local weather forecasting stations said the province will experience another spell of raindrops from evening of April 25 to 26, in which, part of the northern and central areas in the province will witness rainstorms.

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