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Dialogue key to building Sino-US trade ties
By Xiao Xin (China Daily)
Updated: 2004-04-24 09:00

China and the United States have signed a number of trade-related documents in an effort to remove rising trade friction between the two sides in recent years.

As the fruit of the 15th session of the China-US Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade, the eight documents signed on Wednesday signal a solid step towards solving trade issues that risk affecting Sino-US relations.

Both countries have made concessions to help dialogue flow more smoothly. This once again bears testimony to the importance of sitting down at the negotiation table instead of resorting to threats and restrictions frequently adopted by the US side.

The negotiation methodology sets an example for future trade spat dealings.

The Chinese side has displayed its true commitment to solving Sino-US trade disputes.

Among the documents, it agreed to delay indefinitely the plan to impose a security standard for wireless communications that has been established domestically and is set to be instituted from June 1.

The postponement of the standard, which is rightfully established to fix the security loopholes of the current standard used in China, would predictably incur domestic complaints. The concession demonstrates well the Chinese side's commitment to looking at the Sino-US trade issues from a strategic perspective.

China also pledged to renew efforts to crack down on the pirating of US films, software and music.

It shows that the country is poised to face the contentious issue squarely and understands the US' needs.

The United States agreed to ease export controls on sales of some high-tech US goods to China.

For a long time, Washington has readily blamed China for its huge trade deficit without carefully examining its restrictive export control of its expensive high-tech goods such as machinery tools.

The agreement reinforces the irrationalism of its previous accusations.

In the run-up for the presidential election, Washington has understandably devised crowd-pleasing theatrics - the series of anti-dumping measures against Chinese imports, is an example - to woo voters. But its controversial policies undermine global efforts to establish and promote a sound trading system.

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