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Germany urged to curb 'Eastern Turkistan'
Updated: 2004-04-16 23:22

Chinese police called on their counterparts in Germany on Friday to stop activities of "Eastern Turkistan" terrorist groups.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Public Security said some "Eastern Turkistan" terrorist groups are reportedly meeting in Munich April 16-18, including two terrorist organizations that have been outlawed in China.

"The Chinese Ministry of Public Security calls on its counterparts in Germany and the state of Bavaria to be on high alert against the 'East Turkistan' terrorist groups and terrorists in Munich, Germany."

The spokesman added: "It would be very dangerous if 'Eastern Turkistan' terrorists are allowed to operate in Germany and their activities are not stopped."

The spokesman called for co-operation between the Chinese and German governments and peoples to fight the terrorist and separatist forces and safeguard their national and public interests.

According to reports by overseas websites, the World Uygur Youth Congress (WUYC), which is one of the first four terrorist groups identified by the ministry, is among those involved in the Munich meeting, said the spokesman.

The East Turkistan Information Centre (ETIC), another terrorist group, is also there.

The spokesman said WUYC leader Dolqun Isa and ETIC leader Abudujelili Kalakash are the No 3 and No 4 terrorists on the ministry's "most wanted list," and other major leaders of the two groups are reportedly attending the meeting.

Shortly after the March 11 terrorist attack in Spain, the terrorist groups are meeting in Munich with other "Eastern Turkistan" separatist forces in order to set up a unified organization for terrorist and separatist activities, which not only endangers China's unity and security, but also poses a potential threat to world peace and stability, said the spokesman.

"We have ample evidence that 'Eastern Turkistan' forces in China and abroad have been plotting, organizing and conducting explosions, assassinations, arson, poisoning, attacks and other violent terrorist activities in Xinjiang and other parts of China and some other countries in their attempt to split China."

Their activities have seriously endangered the lives and property of the general public of all ethnic groups and social stability in China, and pose a threat to the security and stability of other countries and regions, said the spokesman.

"Now they are concealing their illegal motives in seemingly legitimate forms, covering up their true colour of terrorists and claiming they are being persecuted so as to win sympathy and support."

By flaunting the banner of peacefully striving for "ethnic self- determination," they have been stealthily conducting various violent terrorist activities, said the spokesman.

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