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Sexual purity still very important to China's youth
Updated: 2004-03-07 11:49

A recent survey conducted by the Fujian Academy of Social Sciences (FASS) on the sexual education of middle school students in Fujian Province, southeastern China, showed that about 50 percent of the surveyed considered sexual purity very important.

According to Lai Wen, a research fellow with the FASS who conducted the survey, the survey was made from a random sampling of 100 junior middle school students, 100 senior middle school students and 100 secondary specialized school students. Among them, 119 were boys and 181 were girls.

The survey showed that 57.89 percent of the girls and 44.83 of the boys, mostly between the ages of 13 and 19, felt that purity was very important to them.

On the question "On what occasions you will have sexual relations with others", 54.18 percent of the surveyed students choose to remain pure before marriage, 27.07 percent said engagement was the precondition, and 14.58 percent thought being in love was enough. Only 4.16 percent think love is unnecessary in sex.

"This shows the worry that China's youth are too liberal in sex is unfounded, as the traditional marriage and sexual concept are still exerting a tremendous influence on them," said Lai Wen.

"Despite the rising incidence of premarital sex and pregnancy before marriage in China, purity still plays the decisive role in the sexual concept of China's youth," said Lai.

The survey showed mass media have become the most important way for China's youth to get knowledge on sex.

Of the surveyed, 43.75 percent got sexual knowledge through reading entertainment newspapers and magazines, 39.58 percent through the Internet, 22.92 percent through love stories, while 16. 67 percent got it from reading or watching pornographic books and movies.

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