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"Eastern Turkistan" terrorist evidence revealed
Updated: 2004-02-14 09:23

China's counter-terrorism authority refuted the defense of the "Eastern Turkistan" terrorists and disclosed more detailed evidence of their terrorist activities Friday.

"We have ample, concrete evidence identifying these terrorist organizations and their members," said an official with the Counter-Terrorism Bureau of the Chinese Ministry of Public Security.

The official noted that from February 2001 to September 2002, the president of the East Turkistan Information Center (ETIC) Abudujelili Kalakash trained Abudumijit Enas, who was in Hotan of Xinjiang, on how to carry out terrorist activities.

Abudumijit Enas confessed that he had successively received a scanner, video camera and more than 30,000 yuan of funds from Abudujelili Kalakash and the mandate to gather information, plot and carry out violent terrorist activities in China, said the official.

In March 2003, ETIC President Abudujelili Kalakash directed a violent terrorist in China named Silam Eshan to do field survey along the railway between Lanzhou of Gansu province and Hami of Xinjiang in preparation for blowing up the railway.

Silam Eshan confessed that during his trips to China's Hebei, Anhui and Shaanxi provinces and the national capital of Beijing, he frequently received orders from Abudujelili Kalakash to spread leaflets that preached "Jihad", to take delivery of formulas and theories on making explosives and poison sent by overseas violent terrorist Yasen Turid, and to conduct a field survey of the Lanzhou-Hami Railway together with other violent terrorists in China Adil, Muhtar Memet,Abudurexit Yisak and Kdir Mamut, and to map out the explosion scheme, the official said.

Since its founding, the official said, the World Uygur Youth Congress (WUYC) had all along been actively pursuing subversive activities, conspiring to split the country with various means, inciting, organizing, abetting and supporting violent terrorist activities and financing terrorists and terrorist organizations.

These activities had constituted a grave threat to China's state security and conformed to China's standards in identifying terrorist organizations, he said.

In October 2000, WUYC leader Dolqun Isa directed Yulwas Tulak, Eli Mutalif and other runaway terrorists to establish a training base in Nepal. In December 2001, these terrorists were captured byNepalese police on the charge of illegal possession of guns.

Dolqun Isa then sent Abudueni Rehmen to Nepal carrying a huge sum of money, bailed out the terrorists and sent them to a terrorist camp in South Asia to receive training, the official said.

In July 2002, Dolqun Isa tried many ways to prevent the repatriation to China of Rahmutulla Islayil and Arken Yakuf, who murdered Wang Jianping, a diplomat of the Chinese Embassy in Kirghizstan, the official said.

He said that since May 2003, Dolqun Isa and another die-hard member of this organization, Abuduxukur, have successively provided financial support for more than 10 backbone members of a terrorist group that illegally made explosives, including Tayir Nasir, Ruz Memet, and Rusuf Memet.

From May to August in 2003, Dolqun Isa and current WUYC chairman Memet Tuhut actively provided financial aid for MiryumiliMemet, an "Eastern Turkistan" terrorist that had fled to Thailand,and later sought legal channels for him to flee Thailand.

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