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Mainland will not meddle in Taiwan's election
Updated: 2004-02-11 14:51

A Taiwan affairs official said on Wednesday in Beijing that the central government will not meddle in Taiwan's local elections next month and does not care who wins.

The State Council's Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman Zhang Mingqing. [newsphoto/file]
"We don't care who wins the election. What we care about is the winner's attitude towards cross-Straits ties and national reunification," the State Council's Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman Zhang Mingqing told a news conference in Beijing.

He said the mainland has not and will not involve itself in the election of Taiwan region. Zhang stated that the mainland will not interfere with or comment on the stand of Taiwanese business people on the mainland in the upcoming election.

If Taiwanese entrepreneurs on the mainland wish to set up supportive organizations for certain candidate, they have to abide by mainland regulations on non-governmental organizations, he said. But no application for such organizations has been submitted yet.

He stressed the mainland will not permit or offer convenience for any "Taiwan independence" separatist activities on the mainland.

Zhang also dismissed media speculation that the arrest of Taiwan spies was aimed at discrediting Taiwan leader Chen Shui-bian ahead of the polls.

On Chen's recent so-called peace initiative, Zhang said its Chen's trick to cheat Taiwan compatriots and the world, and he has no sincerity in improving cross-Straits relations. In fact, in the about four years when Chen is Taiwan leader, he never recognized the one-China principle.

On the one hand, Chen is bent on having his own way and pursuing a referendum that would provoke confrontation between peoples on both sides of the Taiwan Straits, sabotage cross-Straits relations and endanger peace in the Taiwan Straits,but on the other hand, he has professed he would set up a so-called framework for cross-Straits peace and stability.

"We think Chen Shui-bian's words are deceitful," Zhang said.

Zhang called on compatriots in Taiwan and the international community to see through the deceit of Chen Shui-bian and the danger of activities promoting "Taiwan independence".

Because bird flu has been found on both the mainland and Taiwan Island, Zhang said mainland departments are willing to cooperate with their counterparts in Taiwan on bird flu prevention and control.

He hoped that an epidemic situation reporting channel should set up between the mainland and Taiwan. Academic exchanges and cooperation on bird flu prevention should be launched. Vaccination and other medical materials should be shared between the two sides of the Straits.

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