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  Cardinal: U.S. treated Saddam 'like a cow'
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Jordan asks Saddam daughters to stay out of politics
(2003-12-25 10:38) (Agencies)

Time names US soldier as 'Person of the Year'
(2003-12-22 10:56) (Agencies)

Iraq's aggrieved neighbors line up to sue Saddam
(2003-12-18 10:08) (Agencies)

Annan: No death penalty for Saddam; UN slows return
(2003-12-16 09:00) (Agencies)

Palestinians mark 'black day' of Saddam capture
(2003-12-15 17:17) (Agencies)

World looks beyond Saddam capture
(2003-12-15 13:58) (Agencies)

Arabs have mixed emotions about Saddam capture
(2003-12-15 11:06) (Agencies)

China hopes for Iraq stability after Saddam arrest
(2003-12-15 10:13) (Xinhua)

Kabul: Too early to talk about Osama after Saddam
(2003-12-14 22:53) (Agencies)

US allies welcome Hussein's capture
(2003-12-14 22:51) (Agencies)

Spain: Saddam must pay for his crimes
(2003-12-14 22:49) (Agencies)

World hopes Saddam's capture will ease Iraq's woes
(2003-12-15 10:14) (Agencies)

Iraqis jubilant over Saddam's capture
(2003-12-14 21:58) (Agencies)

Blair: Shadow of Saddam removed
(2003-12-14 21:56) (CNN)

World leaders welcome Hussein's capture
(2003-12-14 21:45) (Agencies)

Iraqis celebrate reported capture of Saddam
(2003-12-14 20:10) (Agencies)

Instant reactions: Saddam's capture coup for US, not end to unrest
(2003-12-14 19:39) (Agencies)

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