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  Saddam Captured
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The moment Saddam was dragged from his hole
(2004-01-08 15:39) (chinadaily.com.cn)

Saddam's questioning could become public
(2004-01-07 16:41) (Agencies)

British officials saying Saddam was duped over weapons
(2003-12-25 11:36) (Agencies)

The Saddam Santa card to celebrate Xmas
(2003-12-23 17:05) (Agencies)

Lawyers want to visit Saddam in captivity
(2003-12-23 09:58) (Agencies)

Saddam was held by Kurdish forces, drugged and left for US troops
(2003-12-22 09:02) (Agencies)

Saddam relative and bodyguard handed him over to US troops
(2003-12-19 08:56) (Agencies)

No 'smoking gun' to convict Saddam Hussein yet, say Iraqi experts
(2003-12-18 14:51) (Agencies)

Iraq's aggrieved neighbors line up to sue Saddam
(2003-12-18 10:08) (Agencies)

Iraqi official: Saddam held in Baghdad
(2003-12-17 21:06) (Agencies)

Israel planned to kill Saddam Hussein in 1992
(2003-12-17 09:34) (Agencies)

Rumsfeld: CIA probes Saddam's role in Iraqi insurgency
(2003-12-17 09:20) (cnn.com)

Iraqi officials seek quick Saddam trial
(2003-12-16 11:01) (Agencies)

Iraq council member says Saddam 'broken,' 'ruined'
(2003-12-16 09:40) (Agencies)

Iran wants Saddam tried for Iran-Iraq war
(2003-12-16 09:33) (Agencies)

US to 'hold Saddam for 6 months'
(2003-12-16 09:23) (Agencies)

Saddam denies regime had banned weapons
(2003-12-16 09:11) (Agencies)

Saddam loyalists in deadly show of force after his capture
(2003-12-16 09:07) (Agencies)

Saddam's farmhouse hideaway very messy
(2003-12-15 23:33) (Agencies)

Plan laid out to question Saddam
(2003-12-15 16:02) (Agencies)

Bush speech on the capture of Saddam
(2003-12-15 10:40) (Agencies)

Interrogators will press Saddam for intelligence
(2003-12-15 10:07) (Agencies)

Iraqis surprised Saddam didn't fight
(2003-12-15 10:07) (Agencies)

Saddam to face war crimes tribunal
(2003-12-15 09:25) (Agencies)

Saddam's flight from capture
(2003-12-15 09:22) (cnn.com)

Saddam capture good for Bush in many ways
(2003-12-14 22:59) (Agencies)

New tribunal might be option for Saddam
(2003-12-14 22:52) (Agencies)

Bremer: 'We Got Him'
(2003-12-14 21:19) (Washington Post)

Britain's Blair confirms Saddam capture
(2003-12-14 19:52) (Agencies)

Official: Saddam dug hole to hide himself
(2003-12-14 19:49) (Agencies)

DNA tests confirm Saddam capture - Iraq council head
(2003-12-14 19:39) (Agencies)

Saddam Hussein captured alive, Iraq official says
(2003-12-14 19:04) (Agencies)

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