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The future is retro -with a dash of sport
( 2003-09-12 10:05) (Shanghai Star)

Fashion does not allow anything to spoil our sense of fun and it is always there to lift our spirits.

Adopting the motto: "With high spirits, everything goes better" fresh and glowing colours are being applied to compellingly attractive prints to send wearers into raptures.

Sport remains the basis and key inspiration. Our concept of beauty, attractiveness and success is decisively determined by sport. For Spring/Summer 2004 this means track and field suits, sailor shirts, tennis skirts, boxer blousons, judo jackets and surfing wear being translated into fashion items.

In view of the dominating role sport plays in our lives we now witness a return of silhouettes, proportions and details from the 80s - the cradle of modern sportswear. Retro replaces romanticism and folk themes, the two success stories of the past few seasons.

This also means fashion heralds a revival not only of the 80s but also of polka dot dresses reminiscent of the 30s and 40s and naively fresh skirts and jackets that bring back memories of the 50s.

The 60s play a special role being omnipresent in all international collections. They bring back mini-skirts but, above all, inject clear-cut lines, graphic colour contrasts and a refreshing modernity into fashion.

Toying with different silhouettes and fits from slim to loose is a new feature. The slender, figure-hugging styles are now joined by new oversized forms like voluminous blousons and thigh-length pullovers or shirts with generously cut sleeves.

The trousers selection is extended to include legging-type, slim fits. This makes for exciting combinations of loose and slim and a novel layered look providing new momentum in the use of separates.

Themes in the new trends build on locations that bring people together. The global village breaks down the barriers taking us to new dimensions and giving us unlimited opportunities.

The 4Cs

The 4 Cs of young, modern fashion - Campus, Casablanca, Cannes, Calcutta - translate global dress codes into images that combine the future spirit of the times with influences from all over the world.

CAMPUS - a fashion driver with sporty accents. The old and new world of Adidas with racing stripes and poetic flowers feature here alongside striped sailors' shirts and tennis polo shirts. Tracksuits, sweatshirts and tank tops are combined with revamped club blazers, tennis skirts and white shirts; not to forget those figure-hugging surfer and diving jackets in compact neoprene with functional zippers, ergonomic seaming and high-visibility facings.

CASABLANCA - shining white for brilliant accents. Casablanca is just as white as its Spanish name suggests. Reinforced even further by the sunlight, this brilliance delicately contrasts with ochre, terracotta or a wide variety of blue-sky shades.

This season, white shades re-unite many and varied separates together in natural, unpretentious outfits. Even new styles and silhouettes are readily accepted in conjunction with white. Plain, short cotton dresses presage a type of modernity.

CANNES - modern allure. Beaming elegance is paired with casual modernity. The Corniche as a promenade and source of inspiration for new looks. The new "smart" fashion exudes allure - distinguishing itself from mainstream. Little two-piece sets with boxy or sharply fitted jackets and short skirts return into the limelight.

They re-define glamour with shocking pink, pale biscuit and powder pink tones as well as shimmery satins in a youthful and modern way. The spirit of young Jackie Kennedy and the modernity of the 60s become tangible. This also includes fitted dresses and slim-fit short coats with little collars.

CALCUTTA - a constant change of cultural influx has contributed to the creative panorama that is Calcutta today.

Colour schemes unfold from the red typical of Indian weddings, rich saffron as a symbol of religious asceticism, blue - the colour representing Krishna - or the neon powder pink used to celebrate the Indian spring festival. Colours virtually burst into a multitude of new decorative print designs.

Almost boisterously, Pucci patterns are combined with coloured stripes, large exotic flowers with elaborate Indonesian Batik or fun crayon-coloured ring stripes. This theme enjoys summer and sun to the full. Plain colours in earthy tones or in fruity shades play a supporting role.

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