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Argentina says "no" to IMF pressure
( 2002-10-19 11:07 ) (8 )

Argentine President Eduardo Duhalde said on Friday Argentina "will not accept any kind of pressure" from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to increase charges for public services.

"For many years consumers have paid twice as much as they should have, but the IMF never gave attention to that," he told the press here.

Nevertheless Duhalde admitted there could be possibility of increased charges but the problem "will be solved within the framework of the law."

The president said "the agreement with IMF will be concluded in no more than 20 days," though it would not be "an agreement that Argentina will sign without reading first."

Macroeconomic indicators showed the country's economy was improving, he said, adding "there is no doubt Argentina has passed through its worst time."

The IMF has requested in-depth reforms of Argentina's social security system, as well as improvement in its health programs for unemployed workers.

President Duhalde has been struggling since he took office in January to reach an agreement with the IMF on the resumption of bailout funds cut off by the international organization last December.



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